Each year SLS grants 2-3 Fellowships to students pursuing public interest summer employment.



Each year, the SLS sponsors two first or second year law students to work in a public interest legal job. Applicants choose a public interest organization in Toronto where they would like work, and obtain that organization’s support.

Applying for the Fellowship

After finding an organization that will participate in the fellowship, students must submit a resume, cover letter and proposal. The proposal should include:

  • a description of the organization

  • the project on which the student will be working

  • whether the student has volunteered or is volunteering for this organization

  • the legal aspects of the project

Students must also submit proof the organization supports the student’s proposal. For example:

  • a supervisor at the organization can sign the proposal

  • a supervisor at the organization can submit a letter attesting their support

Note: Financial need is not a consideration for the Student Law Society Public Interest Advocacy Summer Fellowship.

Deadline and Selection

Applications, including a resume, cover letter, (no transcripts) and proposal, should be submitted to the Career Development Office. The deadline is the one established by the Career Development Office for its Unified Application Process, as promoted on the CDO’s website and by email throughout the year. The selection committee includes two third-year Students’ Law Society executives and the Director of Career Development. Please contact the SLS president or the Director Career Development if you have any questions.

Rate of Pay

In 2019 two fellowships were awarded for $6,000 each for 12 weeks of work.