The Student Affairs and Governance (StAG) branch of SLS consists of 4 representatives from each year of study. StAG advocates on your behalf to members of the law school faculty and administration.

The StAG Committee meets every Monday at 12:30pm in the SLS Office. All students are welcome to attend and participate in meetings. Tentative agendas will be posted in each week’s SLS Weekly. Matters discussed include anything that requires a bridge between students and the law school administration, whether or not it is strictly related to academic matters.  To that end, if you have an issue that you would like to bring up and you’re not sure who to get in touch with, do not hesitate to contact an StAG member who can bring your issue to the Committee or point you in the right direction. You can also contact the SLS generally at sls.law@utoronto.ca.

In addition to the weekly meetings mentioned above, each StAG member sits on Faculty Council, the governing body of the law school. Their role is to ensure that students maintain a strong voice in the administration of the school. StAG members also sit on the faculty’s Dean’s Committees (see below - e.g., Financial Aid, Admissions, Mental Health & Wellness, and Gender, Accessibility & Diversity) which traditionally submit reports to Faculty Council for approval at the end of the academic year.


Contact your StAG Representatives (2019-20):


Morgan Watkins, President — 3L

ROBERT NANNI, Vice-President Student Affairs and Governance – 2L

3L Representatives

Mehak kawatra


Sarah kanko

Hanna Singer

2L Representatives




1L Representatives

Willem Crispin-Frei

Dhriti Chakravarty

Ema Ibrakovic

Branden Cave


Dean’s Committees

Each year, the Dean strikes up committees and tasks each of them with a mandate to be addressed throughout the academic year. Each committee is composed of a mix of faculty, staff, and StAG members. Some committees have other student representatives as well. For example, the Library Committee has representatives from mooting and journals.

While some committees typically have the same mandate every year (e.g., Mooting & Advocacy), others have mandates that vary in response to issues as they arise. Sometimes, a committee will not have enough time in a given year to properly address its mandate, in which case the mandate may repeat the following year. StAG members bring student concerns to the forefront of their recommendations, and typically engage in meaningful student consultation before recommending material changes to the JD program or its policies.

Admissions Committee: Reviews all personal statements of applicants to the JD program. All graduating StAG members sit on this committee.

Clinical & Experiential Education Advisory Committee: Considers upcoming clinical opportunities and/or externships that come up over the course of the year. 2 StAG members sit on this committee. You can read the 18/19 report here.

Curriculum (Short Term & Standing): Considers the addition, removal, and amendment of course offerings. Also considers changes to the JD program, such as the introduction of intersession. 3 StAG members sit on this committee. You can read the 18/19 report here.

Financial Aid Committee: Reviews all financial aid assessment appeals on an anonymized basis. Also considers policy changes to in-program financial aid, as well as the Post-graduation Debt Relief Program (“PDRP). 3 StAG members sit on this committee. You can read the 18/19 report here.

Gender, Accessibility & Diversity Committee: Responsible for the identification of policy issues related to gender, accessibility, and diversity. These include issues pertaining to recruitment, communications, and complaints procedures. 3 StAG members and both of SLS’ equity officers sit on this committee.* You can read the 18/19 report here.

* The equity officers sit on the committee in ex officio roles.

Library Committee: Tries to improve the library’s resources, help manage student stress, and improve education surrounding legal research and writing. 3 StAG members sit on this committee. This committee typically has not produced a year-end report.

Mental Health & Wellness Committee: Conducts surveys related to student mental health and wellness, analyzes the results, and makes recommendations about policies with these results in mind. 3 StAG members sit on this committee. You can read the 18/19 report here.

Mooting & Advocacy Committee: Considers feedback from students and faculty advisors on the mooting program (both upper-year moot and competitive moots) and considers new competitive mooting opportunities. 2 StAG members sit on this committee. You can read the 18/19 report here.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Committee: Considers possible options for programming on cultural competency, including a potential mandatory course in Indigenous law, and works toward improving a database of Indigenous-related curricular offerings. 1 StAG member sits on this committee. You can read the 18/19 report here.